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Lookback: WTF Moments of the Year

Oh there are a whole lot more than 8, we know.

| December 31, 2017

Uber got suspended and we still can’t comprehend why

Can you believe the inconvenience this caused? Congratulations LTFRB for proving that all you do is sit in your air-conditioned offices all day and then drive in your privileged cars home during rush hour. The rest of us actually have to deal with 2-hour long lines at public transportation. But thank you for bringing Uber back on the road, even if you did charge them with the cost of their whole life.

The only thing they proved here is that we do need Uber in our lives—they’re the only reliable form of transportation!





Posted by Xian S. Gaza on Saturday, July 8, 2017

Okay Xian, you earned your 15 minutes of fame and got a lot of flak with it. He’s a prime example of the new brand of justice that is internet. Since he asked Erich Gonzales out on a ‘coffee date’ via a billboard in Quiapo, netizens screamed for blood and dug his Facebook profile. Since then he’s been dubbed a lot of things but was mostly known as a scammer. Gotta give it to the guy though, he knows how to roll with the punches. Now that it’s over, let’s leave you in 2017, yes?


Road rage and everything else caught on cam

CHERISH SHARMAINE the viral girl

This is to let you know that one of your employees named CHERISH SHARMAINE INTERIOR SLAPPED AN OLD TAXI DRIVER, because “apparently” the cars they were both

driving got too close to each other earlier today. Also, according to some witnesses this woman allegedly hit the poor driver with a golf club.

Most of us have family members who are elderly and I am very angry that this kind of attitude exists! This old man is just trying to earn a decent amount of

money for a living, and NO ONE IS ALLOWED, WHATEVER YOUR STATUS IN LIFE, TO HURT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. Our elders deserve their dignity and our respect!

We hope you will firmly stick with your principle. We hope you will not tolerate and employ this woman in your company. Please, do not let this woman

represent your company!

Posted by PirataMovies on Sunday, December 17, 2017

Internet justice is such a ruthless thing. If you ever find yourself caught in its blood-hungry maws, be prepared to be judged down to the photo of what you had for lunch two years ago. But we’re lying if we don’t say we kinda like this new justice.

The latest person to discover the power of the internet is a certain Cherish Interior who, in a fit of road rage, slapped an old taxi driver. The video post of the bystander who caught everything on tape quickly soared over the internet and sleuths found out Cherish’s Facebook profile. The hate was too much she was forced to deactivate her account and crawl under a rock. But the damage has been done. Now her face is all over social media, branding her forever as the crass girl who slapped lolo.

Did she get what she deserved? Maybe. Did we, the silent observers of the internet, get the least bit satisfied? Most definitely.


We were encouraged to #BeLikeMaria but we’re not having it

Remember this woman who had the audacity to move the ASEAN cones and get on the ASEAN lane and post her crime on Facebook? Nope. Not gonna happen. Don’t be like Maria, ever! Because WTF?


What’s your favorite WTF moment of the year? Share it with us!