Yup, You’re Old: 8 Movies That Are Turning 20 This Year

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Yup, You’re Old: 8 Movies That Are Turning 20 This Year

Leeloo Dallas multipass.

| January 22, 2017

The Fifth Element

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A sci-fi action film about humans, aliens and a “great evil” force invading the universe, The Fifth Element was the embodiment of a blockbuster 20 years ago. Milla Jovovich stars as Leeloo, a genetically-modified human from the remains of the Fifth Element, and is the only hope of mankind in defeating the “great evil”. A young Bruce Willis plays Major Korben Dallas and helps Leeloo in accomplishing her mission. A true classic.


My Best Friend’s Wedding

Films about being friendzoned may be mainstream now, but it was lit twenty years ago; especially when Julia Roberts played the relatable and iconic Julianne Potter. Guy and girl as best friends, girl is in love with guy but he doesn’t know, guy finds someone else and girl struggles to break them apart and admits she loves the guy. This film set itself apart from most romantic comedies in the 90s, as it turned out to be (spoiler alert! Though it is 20 years old) more heartbreaking than people expected.


Men In Black

If you watch this film now, you wouldn’t believe it is already 20 years old. Filled with stunning CGI and visual effects that are ahead of its time, this sci-fi comedy about two men whose job is to protect the earth from intergalactic species was the third highest grossing film in 1997. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith hilariously portrayed their agent roles, earning high praises from critics and thumbs up from the audience. It was followed by two sequels: Men in Black II in 2002 and Men in Black 3 in 2012.



If you ask people about the best movie of all time, Titanic would always be one of the top-of- mind choice. This film was a love story set in a ship that everyone in the theater knew (can’t say the same to be true now) was doomed. The film was a huge success; titanic, even (sorry). It won every award there was, and it made Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet household names.


Any other great films from 20 years ago that flew off our radar? Share them with us below!