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Must-Have Items for Your Ultimate Summer Getaway

This is heat!

| March 15, 2017

Fairy Lights

Holding your summer bash at night? Give your party more Instagenic pizzazz with cute fairy lights like this tropical-themed one! (Available at Quirks PH)


Rechargeable Multicolor Bottle Lights

Or, you can amp up your evening aesthetic game with bottle lights. Scatter them all around the sand or the pool and watch them brighten the dark in neon color. (Available in Quirks PH)


Tiki Torches

Or even better: make your party a full-blown island revelry with these bamboo tiki torches. You’ll definitely be belting out Moana and Lilo & Stitch songs all night long. (Available at Manila Bamboo Store)



Via Lazada

Don’t deprive yourself of summertime fun if you’re scared of the sun. With this teepee, you’ll enjoy the outdoor festivities while lounging around in your cool space. And hey, even if you’re not afraid of a little tan, this teepee is a great party “attraction” for an OOTD pictorial! (Available at Lazada)


Which of these items are you spending your savings on soon? Tell us below!