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Netflix Originals to Watch Out for in 2018

In between Stranger Things seasons.

| January 8, 2018

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

This upcoming anthology series by the esteemed Coen Brothers of The Big Lebowski and No Country for Old Men fame is worth waiting patiently for. It will consist of six different stories of six different characters, with Tim Blake Nelson playing the titular Scruggs.



Better look out for this upcoming crime drama — it might just be one of the most memorable Netflix hits this year! A pretty bold statement, sure, but when you have this series starring Michael C. Hall as a widower who slowly uncovers the dark secrets of those around him after one of his daughters goes missing, you can’t help but have high expectations for it.




We are looking forward to Mute for two things: Alexander Skarsgård, who plays a mute bartender who travels around Berlin in search for his missing girlfriend, and Paul Rudd, who plays a surgeon. What more could we ask for?


Raising Dion

Our modern version of Matilda comes in the form of Raising Dion, a series about a mom who must do everything to conceal the superpowers of her son while she seeks the cause of them, while also investigating the cause of her husband’s death.


Which of these are you excited for? Tell us in the comments below!