8 OPM Collaborations to Watch Out For in Coke Studio PH

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8 OPM Collaborations to Watch Out For in Coke Studio PH

14 artists plus two OPM legends as hosts: what more can we ask for?

| August 5, 2017

Sandwich x BP Valenzuela

If you’ve been following BP Valenzuela for a while, you’d know that she considers Sandwich as her “heroes”. So this collab is not just a dream come true for us, but for BP as well. Sandwich is known for their fresh, rock ‘n roll music genre, and we’re excited to find out how BP’s electronic music style would fit the music puzzle we’ve been imagining in our heads.


Abra x Gracenote

Abra is, hands-down, a one-of-a-kind rapper. He can make you silent with his solid rapping skills, at the same time melt your heart with its profound lyrics. His collaborations prove time and again that not only he can do standalone, his voice blends perfectly with other music genres. And that’s why we think his upcoming collaboration with the alternative rock band Gracenote will do well. Their youthful and brave sound will make us raise our hands in the air, it feels like Paramore and Eminem collaborating all over again.


Franco x Reese Lansangan

It seems that the music genres of rock legend Franco and indie-folk pop artist Reese Lansangan don’t really intersect a lot, so we’re thrilled to find out how their music styles would meet. Plus, it will be exciting to hear Franco’s take on Reese’s bubbly and fresh pop songs, and we can imagine Reese singing Castaway already.


Raymund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala

One of the best parts of this project?  Of course, it’s the involvement of two OPM powerhouse we missed seeing together! Raymund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala, formerly from Eraserheads, are not only hosts to the series, they’re also involved in the music arrangement of other’s artists collaboration! How cool is that? Their respective bands are also collaborating with new artists, so it’s definitely an OPM fan’s delight.

Coke Studio airs every Saturday at 7 p.m. at TV5. You can also watch new episode on their YouTube channel and Facebook page.


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