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8 Oppas Who Are Supposed to be in Military Service this 2017

Stay strong, oppas!

| August 23, 2017

Kim Soo Hyun

After the release of his movie, Real, it is said that Kim Soo Hyun will enlist for military service in September this year, although nothing is final. But the actor’s real wish is that he be able to do at least one more movie or drama before leaving for the two-year mandatory service. We’d like that, too.


Lee Min Ho

Actor Lee Min Ho began his military service 12th of May. On the day of his orientation at the Gangnam office in Seoul, he showed up dressed simply and with a face mask, but was still noticed and put on the spotlight by fans and the press. He will be serving as a public service worker.


Seo In Guk

Seo In Guk went for military service last March, but was sent back due to a fractured ankle, which deemed him unfit to continue. We remember him saying that he is excited about the enlistment, and particularly in seeing how he’d look aged after the service.

However, it was discovered that he has osteochondritis dissecans, which causes a disorder in his bones and cartilage. Because of this, he is officially exempted from the mandatory service.



Via CastKo

T.O.P.’s time serving the military was quite a controversial one. He enlisted February this year, but after 3 months and 27 days, he got kicked out from the Gangnam Police Station because of a scandal involving marijuana use. He was also hospitalized after, and it is said that he can no longer continue his service.


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