8 People We Hate To See in Public Restrooms

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8 People We Hate To See in Public Restrooms

Give us peace when we pee.

| December 2, 2016

8 People We Hate To See in Public Restrooms

By Mike Diez


Time was when we would actually enjoy the scenery while traversing metro traffic. Nowadays we would gladly take a break from said scenery if only we could get to our destinations faster. The trips take so long, it often feels like our bladders will burst—and we’re not even halfway through our journey. Thank goodness for public restrooms. Nothing beats the feeling of emptying your bladder (or your intestines) after a really loooong wait. Which is why it annoys us so much whenever someone denies us the pleasure of such an event.

Here are the people we hate seeing at public toilets.

8. Line Cutter


Or the people who take their sweet time inside. Come on, man! I gotta go, like three hours ago!


7. The Toilet Whisperer


Can’t these guys wait until they’ve finished their deed? Not like you can whisper sweet nothings while you empty your intestine.


6. The Fireman


Via Imgur

Most of us were taught how to aim inside the bowl or the urinal when we were young. But most public toilets would make you think a bunch of six-year-olds were ushered in and used the urinals as target practice.


5. The Side Glancer


Come on, man. Not like you haven’t seen one before. It’ right there in your hands.