A Look at the Philippine Finalists of Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2017

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A Look at the Philippine Finalists of Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2017

Cheers to the finalists!

| March 4, 2017

A Look at the Philippine Finalists

of Bacardi Legacy

Cocktail Competition 2017

By Therese Aseoche

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Bacardi, the world renowned and favored rum, is holding its 8th Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition on May this year and is on the search once again for the best contemporary bartenders around the world who can rise to the top with their original Bacardi creation.

Here’s what we know about the global competition and the five national finalists who will battle it out to be one step closer to their dream.

8. About the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition

The Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition (BLCC) is a global competition that challenges the best bartenders to bring out their passion and innovation through their own balanced, refreshing, appealing, and enduring drink that could stand a chance to become part of the illustrious Bacardi Cocktail Legacy creations, among which are The Original Bacardi Daiquiri and The Original Bacardi Mojito.


7. The Search for the Philippine Representative

This year, five of Manila’s top bartenders are stepping up to the challenge to create a Legacy cocktail that will stand the test of time and showcase the rich Bacardi heritage while also incorporating local Filipino flavors.

These five are…


6. Orman Bag-ao, Finalist

Orman Bag-ao, a born and raised Davaoeño, of Long Bar pays tribute to his roots with his “Rain or Shine” cocktail which mixes Bacardi Superior Rum, fresh guava juice, fresh pineapple juice, fresh carrot juice, and fresh lime juice.

Bag-ao moved to Manila just recently to follow his dreams of becoming a bartender without the knowledge of his family and friends. Despite being rejected by local bars multiple times, he persevered until he found a home at Long Bar. To him, bartending isn’t just an occupation; it’s a passion that allowed him to grow and become better as a person. His journey to pursue his dream is what inspired his signature drink. “For you to shine, you don’t [need] a spotlight or a camera,” he said. “Just being here [serving my own creations] is enough para masabi ko I’m shining right now.”


5. Ralph Allen Santos, Finalist

Ralph Allen Santos of Bitters honors his family with his signature “Nos Unimos,” which is derived from the Spanish phrase “We Unite.”

Made with Rose wine, fresh lime juice, honey, saline, angostura bitters, and Bacardi Carta Oro, “Nos Unimos” was inspired by Santos’ late mother who taught him and his siblings a very valuable lesson back when they were younger—and it’s that life isn’t ever going to be easy. But what matters is that we all work together to face each challenge and work towards the same goal.