Pinoy Chefs and Foodies Pay Homage to Anthony Bourdain

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Pinoy Chefs and Foodies Pay Homage to Anthony Bourdain

Mourn the loss, but celebrate the life.

| June 9, 2018

Margaux Salcedo of Phil. Daily Inquirer

The columnist and writer took to Instagram stories to pay tribute to Tony.


Cheryl Tiu of Cross Cultures

In a series of Instagram stories, Cheryl, a journalist who mounts events promoting culture through food, expressed her shock and also reminded everyone how important it is to be kind to others – and also to one’s self. “We can never really know what another person is going through deep inside,” she said.


Chef Edward Bugia of Backyard Kitchen + Brew, Bean & Yolk

Chef Edward also took the opportunity to remind everyone how mental health issues are a real problem that affects not just the food industry, but any other industry. “Be a friend to anyone who needs one. Offer your ears. You hearts,” he wrote as a caption for an IG post of a blank, black photo.


Joel Binamira of Zubuchon

Seeing as how Tony’s description of Joel’s lechon as the “best pig ever” has paved the way for his chain of restaurants, it’s no wonder that the American chef’s death has affected him profoundly. “One day with you helped to alter the course of my life and it has provided gainful employment for hundreds of folks at Zubuchon as well as shining the global spotlight on Filipino food,” he wrote. “We are all so saddened by your passing and so grateful to have crossed paths… Salamat.”


If you feel you need help, reach out through these hotlines:

Manila Lifeline Centre:


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