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Pinoy Politicians Who Should Have Their Own Fashion Line

Politics and Fashion. Who knew?

| July 13, 2017

Lito Atienza, All things Floral

Lito Atienza is a man ahead of his time; he invented floral outfits even before they were even famous. A true fashion icon, Atienza still wears floral shirts for his long-running show Maynila and every week we want to cop his shirt (for real).


Antonio Trillanes, Military-Themed Outfits

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is the unofficial bad boy of Philippine Politics; with years of controversy and infamous statements, Trillanes may be best known for his failed coup attempts. With his guerilla days long gone, we still want to cop his military outfits that would be trendy on any season.


Mar Roxas, Basically all Tito Outfits

It seems like Mar Roxas’ loss is a blessing in disguise, as he’s now focusing on being your everyday Tito. Surprising Fact: His Twitter account is a HIDDEN GEM. From his every trip to the grocery to him knowing what FOMO means, Roxas’ twitter’s got it all. So for all you titos out there let Mar Roxas be your style inspiration.


Erap Estrada, Bomber Jackets

Before serving as the President of the Philippines and now the mayor of Manila, Erap Estrada was an actor who starred in more than 100 films. These days he’s serving the people of Manila with a statement clothing piece: bomber jackets. Who wouldn’t want an orange bomber jacket?


Who else should release their own fashion line? Tell us in the comments below!