Pinoy YouTubers You Should Subscribe to Right Now

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Pinoy YouTubers You Should Subscribe to Right Now

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| April 27, 2018

Pinoy YouTubers

You Should Subscribe to

Right Now

By 8List

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We Pinoys love our YouTube channels. It seems to have everything we could ever need: tutorials, hacks, entertainment, etc. It’s quite a lifesaver, especially during our commute. There are a lot of new things to discover every day!

And if you didn’t know it yet, there are a couple of Pinoy YouTubers out there that you should be checking out. They’ll make you laugh, make you cry sometimes, and will always keep you inspired. Here are 8 you should start subscribing to:

Angel Dei

Angel Dei Peralta first came into prominence for her Twitter post about ‘the one that got away.’ Since then, she has become one of the fastest growing Pinoy stars on YouTube. Her funny take on situations and events became a hit with viewers; and we could all use a laugh now and then.


Ronan Domingo

Ronan Domingo only started vlogging on YouTube last year, but his channel now has more than 300,000 subscribers. Check out his Ronan na Naman series, wherein he and his friends best each other out on a chosen challenge.


Michelle Dy

A self-styled beauty guru, Michelle Dy’s channel mainly focuses on makeup tutorials, but she can be funny as heck while doing it. This Ilocana beauty has gotten herself more than 900,000 subscribers, and you will find her channel to be equally informational as it is entertaining.


Chris Cantada

Cantada was formerly the drummer of SpongeCola. After being forced to quit the band due to health concerns, he let his geeky side take center stage. He can be seen cosplaying around at toy and comic conventions, and you can check out his channel for all things geek.