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8 Places the DOT “Sights” Ad Should Have Featured More


| June 16, 2017

8 Places

the DOT “Sights” Ad

Should Have

Featured More

By Tim Henares

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Take away notions of plagiarism and a lack of originality from the recently released (and derided) DOT ad, “Sights,” and you will realize that it’s still a filthy lie.

The fact of the matter is, as a nation, we aren’t exactly friendly towards blind people, let alone people with other sorts of disabilities. Just a cursory look already tells us that our own government doesn’t really have much in the way of PWD access for its buildings, so to expect PWD tourists to come to the Philippines and enjoy our brand of home is a bit absurd, to say the least.

Here are 8 spots the “Sights” ad either failed to feature or merely glossed over that would make us rethink the very nature of our tourism advertising as an industry of lies and deception.


Go to any popular beach spot in the Philippines, and be treated to the non-stop badgering of merchants to buy something, anything, or to ride a jet ski, or island hopping, or sea shells, or whatever else they found a way to monetize on the island yet again. Your ears will ring non-stop, and you’re not even in a place like Quiapo or Divisoria yet!

Any Street in Our Cities

For all our advancements, it’s pretty glaring that with very few exceptions, our pedestrian traffic lights are still not PWD-friendly. You would think that adding something as simple as an auditory component to the traffic lights would be easy-peasy, but nope, people who are visually impaired are SOL when it comes to knowing when it’s a good idea to cross the street.

Also, see above.

Inner Roads in Our Cities

Ever got blasted by the sound of tricycles without mufflers? You’re going to enjoy a lot of that anywhere in the barangays, for sure.


Buses, trains, non-stop traffic, oh my! It’s a wonder we can get around the metro under these circumstances, but can you imagine any PWD tourist trying to power through any of these things, especially with the glaring lack of PWD access points for a lot of areas all over the place? The Philippines is lying to itself if it thinks that it, in any way,  is friendly towards PWD’s.