Star Wars Movies, Ranked

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Star Wars Movies, Ranked

Someone’s got to do it.

| April 19, 2017

4. Rogue One

To be honest, a huge reason why Rogue One is so high on this list is because of Felicity Jones, whose character Jyn Erso in my opinion is the best female character of the Star Wars franchise outside of Princess Leia (Rest in Peace, my dear Carrie Fisher.)

I was skeptical at first about how the anthology film would perform given the absence of the Sith-Jedi storyline, but the movie did wonderful for a plot centered on stealing details to destroy the Death Star. Seeing the deaths of the main characters at the end furthermore added to the emotional aspect of the story, plus it’s always a treat to see Darth Vader in action.


3. The Force Awakens

Expectations were high for the return of Star Wars leading up to The Force Awakens, but J. J. Abrams and company exceeded them. While the storyline of Episode VII was similar to A New Hope, everything about the movie was still great: from the new characters, to the script, to the death of favorite Han Solo at the hands of his son, and even up to the final scene where we’re re-united with Luke Skywalker.

My favorite part? It’s that the main protagonist of the story, Rey (played by Daisy Ridley), was given the reins as the main hero of the popular franchise – terrific for gender equality in the modern age. Kylo Ren was also terrific as the main culprit in his confused, emo-like ways.


2. Return of the Jedi

The conclusion to the original story. First of all, the hilarious line (and now a meme, too) “It’s a trap!” was born. We also witness Luke finally defeating Vader, plus the re-birth of Anakin Skywalker who fulfilled the prophecy of destroying the Emperor and restoring balance to The Force

The pace of the entire film was awesome, and a great way to end the amazing original trilogy of Star Wars.


1. The Empire Strikes Back

Okay, seriously. This was clearly going to be number one. Everything about the film was awesome. We had a battle scene in an ice planet. We met Yoda for the first time as he trained Luke. We were introduced to the smug but enjoyable Lando Calrissian. We saw Han Solo frozen. We had our first Luke vs. Vader duel, which ended with what I believe is the most classic line ever in a movie:

“I am your father.”

Star Wars is the GOAT of movie franchises, and Episode V is its best masterpiece.


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