8 Signs Senator Sotto Has Never Seen An Indie Film

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8 Signs Senator Sotto Has Never Seen An Indie Film

You can’t legislate art.

| January 9, 2017

4. Indie films needed help, not crab mentality.

It’s a bit ridiculous that Senator Sotto chided indie films for not making any money, yet in the same breath, praising them for earning international acclaim. Is he effectively saying that people who make internationally-acclaimed films don’t deserve to be financially rewarded for their work? Really, that’s what his insipid proclamation boils down to.

Instead of helping out his fellow countrymen who clearly needed the help, Senator Sotto has decided to pretend that his brother’s film is actually being oppressed, despite the fact that over the years, the Enteng Kabisote franchise, with its diminishing returns and all, has still earned hundreds of millions of pesos. And if he actually bothered watching the film festival he’s now so fond of criticizing, then maybe he would have found a better cause to fight for, seeing as our Sunday Beauty Queens definitely need a lot of support back in Hong Kong in terms of protective legislation for our OFW’s, and not snide remarks about how Mylyn and friends aren’t box office draws.

Still a better actor than Tito Sotto.

Because by all indications of this year’s Enteng Kabisote, neither is Vic Sotto. Anymore.


3. Nothing stops mainstream outfits from putting out quality films. So why don’t they?

Aside from the obvious answer (b****s be lazy.), is there really any valid reason why most mainstream film outlets can’t bring out something deeper than a teaspoon when making a movie? Why shift the burden on indie films to be profitable when the burden should be on mainstream films to be of quality? Only one of these two things can be measured before a movie is screened to the public, so really, anyone who doesn’t make a movie up to snuff in terms of quality is only doing themselves a disservice.

Yeah, we’ve made this point so many times, it makes our eyes roll when mainstream filmmakers still don’t get it.

It’s a basic rule, really, and one we should have been following for years instead of ignoring: garbage in, garbage out. If Vic Sotto puts garbage into the festival, as he normally does, we should take it right back out. And this goes for everyone, indie or mainstream.


2. Senator Sotto wants an investigation over Oro, yet did nothing over last year’s ticket-switching issue.

Last year, both Aldub and Vice Ganda fans accused movie cinemas of ticket switching, that, while they are watching either Bebe Love or Beauty and the Bestie, the ticket they are handed indicates the opposite film, thus counting for the other’s box office tally. It was rampant, high-profile, and definitely well-publicized, but it also would have hurt Bebe Love’s profits if an investigation marred them, so it wasn’t in Senator Sotto’s (or Vic’s) best interests to investigate.

Here. Have a photo of a cute puppy for this next part. Oh, wait.

Meanwhile, Oro, with its unfortunate decision of showing the actual killing of a dog, is now being questioned by the same guy who never questioned any of the times actual people were killed in the past year, and scoffed at the whole idea that these killings were a thing. As a Senator supposed to look after us, does this not strike us as a bit disingenuous? Ultimately, the screening committee of the MMFF acted in good faith when Oro got in, as they judged the film on its apparent merits, and not whether or not the dog they saw was really butchered, which most of us would merely assume was not the case.

On the other hand, anyone watching knows that the Enteng Kabisote franchise has been butchered a loooong time ago. And milked, even.


1. Senator Sotto also makes indie films without realizing it.

The last film of note Senator Sotto starred in was the Iskul Bukul movie in 2008. With a film as insipid and as poorly reviewed as that, one can easily say that Senator Sotto also made an indie movie that year: indie siya dapat pinapanood ng mga tao.

Pictured: not really sure, but definitely not quality.

So really now, if the debate between indie and mainstream films is a debate between Vic Sotto’s movies and Erik Matti’s, then maybe Vic Sotto should hire Erik Matti to direct Enteng Kabisote XI, and who knows, that might just pass muster for next year’s festival?

Plot twist!


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