Size-Changing Superfolk, from Big Names to Small Ones

Let’s go on a fantastic voyage into the innerspaces of comic book trivia.

| July 6, 2018

4. Giganta (DC Comics)

Despite her goofy origins as a mutated ape turned malevolent strongwoman, Giganta is one of the more formidable foes of Wonder Woman. Not only is she a cunning seductress, she can also grow to several hundred feet. Though most versions of the character cast her as a full-time villain, she also goes by the identity of Doris Zeul, a schoolteacher and scientist.

3. The Atom, DC

Likely the most recognizable of this list, The Atom was one of the first superheroes of comics’ Silver Age. Physicist Ray Palmer uses elements from a stellar core to experiment with matter compression and lets him safely shift in size. Depicted above is his hipper, cooler counterpart, Ryan Choi, a protege of Palmer’s who inherited his costume and powers when he disappears after the events of 2005’s Identity Crisis storyline.

2. Apache Chief (Super Friends)

An exclusive creation for the 80s Super Friends cartoon, Apache Chief is the team’s Native American ally who can grow in size. While many loving tributes such as Manitou Raven and Longshadow have been made, he grew to infamy in an episode of the Adult Swim comedy Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, where he sustains hot coffee burns that prevent him from “growing larger.”

1. Ms. Marvel (Marvel Comics)

After gaining powers from Terrigen mist, Kamala Khan takes on an old alias of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Many cite Kamala’s Pakistani roots and Muslim upbringing as a source of much needed diversity in comics, but it’s her lovable, relatable personality that has made her a breakout hit. This shape-shifting, size-altering, elongating adventurer also made ‘embiggen’ a dictionary word.


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