Sneak Peek: The 8 Mouthwatering Rooms of The Dessert Museum

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Sneak Peek: The 8 Mouthwatering Rooms of The Dessert Museum

Sweet dreams are made of these!

| February 9, 2018

5. Bubblegum Room

In this room, you’dd spend some time inside a huge inflatable gumball machine, or get wrapped up in life-size bubbles! Read facts about our favorite bubblegum while the air is littered with endless tiny bubbles.


6. Gummy Bear Room

Did you know that eating gummy bears after a workout can actually benefit you? Learn other fun facts about gummy bears in this room! Wade through balloons and jump on trampolines. We’re sure you’ll find all the inflatable gummy bears huggable!


7. Cotton Candy Forest

A pink forest welcomes you in the Cotton Candy room. Walk along the canopy of pink cotton candy and claim your free cotton candy treat! It wonderfully looks like something out of a Lorax movie.


8. Cake Room

Saving the best for last, you’ll find yourself entering the Cake Room. This might be the most interactive of all. There are hoops where you can shoot fuzzy balls into and cake pops where you can sit on for those Instagram pictures. Claim your free treat and stay a little while longer!

The Dessert Museum opens February 10; better book your Early Bird Tickets online for a discount! Early Bird sale is P699 while weekday tickets are at P799 and weekend tickets are at P899.


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