Spotify “Playlists” That Will Win Over Your Crush

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Spotify “Playlists” That Will Win Over Your Crush

Hook ’em.

| April 26, 2017

4. When You Just Wanna Tell Them Straight How You Feel

As Nadine Lustre would say it, “‘Wag nang paligoy ligoy, paligo’y ligoy pa.


3. When You Want to Prove to Them that Anything’s Possible

If a woman can be in a relationship with a bee, then anything is possible for the two of you.


2. When You Want Them to Love You Despite Everything

Because you’re just as worthy of love as other people are.


1. When They Make You Speechless

I made a playlist for my pamily. My pamily. My pamilee. Homaygad.



Posted by Remz Tolentino on Saturday, April 22, 2017

Guaranteed to make your crush say, “Homaygahd.”


Thinking of making one of these for your crush? Link your Spotify playlists in the comments below!