8 Old School “Strategies” We Used To Get To Know Our Crush

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8 Old School “Strategies” We Used To Get To Know Our Crush

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| October 9, 2017

“Study groups”

Via Giphy

We’d willingly spend time over at a friend’s house—especially this friend’s mom is such a hottie or she might have an attractive kuya.

Study groups were the perfect excuse to make our presence felt in the eyes of our desired other, and possibly even hang out together.


Regular text messages

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Before we could Instagram story what we’ve eaten for breakfast, we used to text each other “Kumain ka na ba?” Because we’d be so hung up to keep the text conversation going, often times we’d find ourselves to be more madaldal through text but will be quiet and awkward in person.


School fairs

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Especially for girls and boys studying in exclusive schools, school fairs were the much-awaited days to in a ~cool~ way and make papansin to our crush. If we were used to seeing them at the gates while picking up their sibling, now’s the opportunity to get caught with him or her in the marriage booth or even secretly dedicate a song!



Via Giphy

The extremely shy or torpe would admire from a distance and send gifts or notes to a crush by looking for a messenger and make pa-bigay.

Sometimes, we are content with seeing them happy from afar and knowing that it’s because of our efforts—even when he or she has no idea who we are.


What was your strategy? Share them with us below!