The Chainsmokers Live, Take 2


The Chainsmokers Live, Take 2

They’re back!

| September 9, 2017

All We Know

“Cause this is all we knooooOOoow” Imagine the entire crowd attending the show singing along to this and trying to hit all the same notes. Are you excited yet?


The One

This is from their newest album, “Memories… Do Not Open,” which kind of changed the vibe of the duo from EDM to more pop-y. They sing about feelings and emotions and give more regard to their lyrics than they previously did. “The One” also has an interestingly nostalgic sound behind it.



The DJ duo, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, actually gave us a little glimpse into their feelings about the effect of their fame on their relationships. This one’s pretty different from your usual Chainsmokers, but also not really.



When you think “The Chainsmokers,” you don’t really think “relatable.” Surprisingly enough though, this one is! It was the first one we had on loop when they just released their new album.


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