The Internet Has a Lot to Say About the #NEDA10kChallenge

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The Internet Has a Lot to Say About the #NEDA10kChallenge

Show us, senpai.

| June 8, 2018

5. Tough times call for drastic measures

wag palipas ng gotom ha. 🆗🆒

10k monthly pala ha


Posted by T i n a p a y n a p u y a t on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

10k a month Ulam challenge to par…

Posted by Roberto Bedonia on Thursday, June 7, 2018

BRB, will buy Clover and Cheese Rings for ulam.


6. 10k a month to slowly starve us, you mean?

They’re even trying to control our vices! How dare they?


7. But maybe we can give this a try

Starting with the NEDA officials who proposed it! Can we also include online “influencers”? Maybe they’ll be forced to sell their bikinis to live.


8. Every man for himself!

Can you see the future? Kidney disease-riddled, thin-bodied, starving individuals. Maybe that’s a bit too far but so is 10k!


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