The World Before LeBron James

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The World Before LeBron James

Remember when?

| May 31, 2018

4. The first ever iPad just released, and the iPhone 4 was just about to be unveiled

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For context, we’re now on the iPhone X (10), while an eighth installation of the iPad is about to be released.



3. Iron Man 2 had just come out

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As of today, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already released 19 films with more on the way. Back in 2010, the MCU had just released its third film in the franchise, Iron Man 2.

Here’s some bonus material: at that time, we were still two years away from getting the first Avengers.


2. Toy Story 3 was only about to hit the theaters

Isn’t it insane how long we waited for a third Toy Story movie? Isn’t it even more incredible how when that film came out, it was also the same year LeBron last didn’t make the NBA Finals? I remember still being in college at this time. Time has really gone by!


1. Simon Cowell had just left American Idol

Remember when Simon Cowell was still a judge for AI? 2010 was his last year with the show. Feels like a lifetime ago. Feels the same when thinking about an NBA Finals without LeBron James.


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