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8 Things Taxis Can Learn From Ride-Sharing Apps

Like, do their jobs as public transport providers.

| July 17, 2017

Stick to the fare

Then, to avoid being choosy, taxi drivers offer a compromise by asking for premium on top of the fare—-or even ditching the fare and just asking for a straight up overpriced rate.

Sure, there’s traffic. Sure, sayang sa gas. But if a TNVS can do it, so can you.

There also has to be a conscious effort from the taxi operators and owners to have a decent commission split with the driver. A happier driver would mean a happier customer that could translate to a happier business. For all those who take the taxi, we all know that there are certain taxi brands/names that we prefer because, “ok yan, hindi yan nagpapadagdag.”

After all, a happy customer would more likely to give tips themselves, without cab drivers having to force them.


Drop off at the drop off point


And please, when taxis take on passengers, there is already an unspoken understanding that the service is only fulfilled upon reaching the exact destination. That’s why taxis, like TNVS, are called door-to-door transportation services.

The same way that a single bad incident with Uber or Grab reflects to almost all Uber or Grab drivers, a simple Facebook rant from a pissed passenger just because his taxi driver doesn’t want to enter the alleyways would reflect terribly on taxi drivers at large.

Facing a fierce competition, it wouldn’t hurt for taxis to go the extra mile, so to speak.


Fix your cars

This might be superficial, but presentation scores a lot of points in the riders’ book. After all, who would want to ride in a dingy car with paint almost worn off and a questionable rattling sound (or smell)?

While the uniform taxi look limits the cabs to match the feel of being driven by a personal car, taxis can spruce things up a little to at least make the ride comfortable. A little design revolution and branding in the part of the operators wouldn’t hurt.


Fix your attitude

For sure, when taxi was just starting, they were as nice as how TNVS is today. But storied experiences between taxi drivers and riders have painted taxi riding experience in a bad light.

There must be a conscious effort to change that back. A study has surveyed both taxi and Uber drivers and got to conclusion that, “Uber operates with mostly the same dynamics as the taxicab, but makes its users feel like they have a personal driver in the safety of their own vehicle.” Note that the keywords here are ‘personal’ and ‘safety’. Because of the rating system, TNVS drivers go a long way to provide the best service for their riders and receive that 5-star approval. Taxis must always have that same internal gut check.

Let’s face it: taxis are losing their business to the TNCs and losing the patronage of the public. Maybe they should ask themselves: Why is that?


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