Expectations Vs. Probability: 8 Things We Wish The Next SONA Would Have (And What We’ll Probably Get Instead)


Expectations Vs. Probability: 8 Things We Wish The Next SONA Would Have (And What We’ll Probably Get Instead)

Always look on the bright side of life.

| June 30, 2017

Expectations Vs. Probability:

8 Things We Wish

the Next SONA

Would Have

(And What

We’ll Probably

Get Instead)

By Tim Henares

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We are at least a month away from the President’s next SONA,  but today marks the first year of President Duterte. Like most Filipinos, we take the bad with the good. It feels like we are precariously walking on a tight rope, and we always hope for the best. Which is why we are sure that the next SONA is going to be colorful, it’s going to be hard to look away from; but ultimately, it’s going to be tough to expect anything, because our President is anything but unpredictable.

Still, here’s a wishlist of things we want him to cover in his upcoming State Of the Nation Address, flanked by what we’re likely going to get instead.

A promise of renewed fervor in fulfilling his duties

After calling in sick for six days before resurfacing, then pulling another disappearing act for close to a week, the least we could hope for is for the President to renew his vigor in fulfilling his duties. A one-day absence was often more than enough for us to get antsy, so President Duterte is pretty lucky that it took us five to even take notice.

What We’ll Likely Get Instead: Admonitions that his down time is “none of our business.”


A reconciliation with the VP

The VP is almost every bit as polarizing as the President is, but has always been, on multiple occasions, shown a willingness to work with the President if only she were given a fair chance. After the kerfuffle regarding cabinet meetings, and after explaining the nuance that dissent is not disloyalty, it would be nice if the two top leaders of our country could just push the drama aside and work towards the betterment of the country.

What We’ll Likely Get Instead: Not a single mention of the VP unless it’s about her looks.

It seems wishful thinking at this point to hope for a reconciliation when people resent the VP for doing the things the President was supposed to be doing in the first place. It would be nice to see what both of them working together could possibly accomplish, but it seems that’s not in the cards.


A concrete solution to Marawi

The Marawi crisis is far from over, yet even with Martial Law in place, we’re still having a lot of difficulty dealing with a relatively small group of terrorists. Worse, because of Martial Law, if ISIS didn’t take notice of the Maute group before, they just might now.

What We’ll Likely Get Instead:  Justifications for Martial Law, and reminders that we’re not from Mindanao, so let’s just shut up about it.


A definite plan of action in dealing with China


Nobody wants a war, but we not only won an international arbitration, we also have our sovereign rights that we can’t just cede to China. Diplomacy is the art of upholding our sovereignty while not angering the emerging superpower. If nuance and delicate work is beyond the scope of our foreign affairs team, then why are we putting up with them for not doing the one job they’re supposed to?

What We’ll Likely Get Instead: More kowtowing to China.

That jet ski is never going to get ridden.