Dear Pinoy Parents, This Is How Kids Are Dating Nowadays

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Dear Pinoy Parents, This Is How Kids Are Dating Nowadays

Do you know where your kids are?

| February 20, 2017

4. They don’t like labels.

Unlike us old folk, Millennials hate labeling things. To them, at least, putting a name to things, people, and events suck the joy out of life.

Labels mean commitment. And commitments are stressful.

So yeah, the next time you bump into your niece in the mall and she has a guy carrying her shopping bags, chances are he’s not her boyfriend—just her friend. And get this: They could be hanging out for 24 months already, and he could’ve already dropped by for Christmas dinner, and still that doesn’t chalk up for anything.

Confused? Don’t be. It’s just that kids don’t like labels. Take things as they are.


3. Women are more sexually forward now.

This is what you Titas have been fighting for since the Fifties and now you got it.

Nowadays, it’s more accepted (and better even) if it’s the girl who does the inviting. It figures, rather than being polite and wasting their time putting on a nice smile to suitors who they’re not remotely interested in, girls do the asking out now.

What if they don’t like a commitment and just want to scratch an itch? Girls asking out boys for sex is no longer frowned upon—in fact, it’s smiled upon!


2. The Facebook status seals the deal.

So how do we know they’re serious? Good question, Tita.

As more and more of them are getting into casual sex, common law condo-living, and (ulp!) forgoing marriage and having kids, it really is hard to set things in stone. Are they or aren’t they?

Look no further than their own relationship status on Facebook. If Meet The Parents Day was the milestone event for us white-haired wrinkly people, then for the kids, it’s that heart-stopping, high-octane moment of switching their status from Single to In A Relationship With.

Facebook is like a great big Roman public square, where the worlds of family, friends, acquaintances, potential employers, and annoying web marketers all converge in one awkward crossover to witness a confession of true love.

Yep, that’s about as legit as it gets.


1. Yeah, you’ll be the last to know.

Much as we like to dye our hair black and eat more Omega-3-rich foods, we all know our steads will soon be replaced by these kids, by these future-people.

And sadly, thanks to technology and the new lifestyles it has spawned, we are no longer privy to their secret worlds.

Millennials are highly secretive when it comes to their dating lives. And to most of them, asking love advice from old farts like us is, at best, a joke. Our wisdom no longer applies.

The object of their affection will go the rounds of their friends first, then after a long while (like 7 dates), they’ll bring him home to dinner. If you show too much excitement or throw disapproving glances, watch out—they’ll keep their distance from you.

The best you can do, whether you like or hate the boyfriend / girlfriend, is keep quiet, trust your kid’s own instincts and give the thumbs up sign, just like all cool parents should.


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