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Fashionably Savvy: 8 Ways to Look Classy On a Budget

Work it, girl.

| July 14, 2017

5. Slip on pointed toe shoes

There’s something about pointy toed heels, pumps, or flats that screams expensive, especially when they are in trendy colors or adorned with shiny metallic details. While they are known for being a little bit more painful to wear than their rounded toe counterparts, take your time to pick out the most comfortable fitting one that matches your style personality. After all, looking good is important, but comfort should trump everything – especially when it comes to footwear.


6. Have an array of patterned tops and bottoms

The quickest way to brighten up any outfit is to mix in bright & youthful patterns. Make your foreign friends drool with envy as you sport tropical patterns all year round, or catch glances by showing off your daring attitude with emboldening pop culture prints!


7. Buy quality pieces that will last for years ahead

Quality over quantity indeed. Who needs 10 jeans if most of them are ill-fitting anyway? Better to buy one or two that shows off your assets best and give it some extra TLC during laundry day.


8. Wait for end of season sale events

Four letters, one magical word: SALE! No matter how far the sale sign is, somehow girls are guilty of still seeing them. If you’re one who can stretch a little discipline, check out stores for the latest designs, canvass elsewhere, and if the quality is unmatched, just wait for the item to go on sale! Often, it only takes a few months anyway before fast fashion brands go on sale to replenish their shelves with the upcoming season’s looks. Top tip: There’s usually a big sale in June for foreign brands marking the end of a season, and December, especially after Christmas!


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