Weirdest Dining Concepts & Restaurants Around the World

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Weirdest Dining Concepts & Restaurants Around the World

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| August 24, 2016

38222024 - blurred image of shopping mall and peopleWeirdest Dining Concepts
& Restaurants
Around the World

By RJ Firmeza

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We’re a sucker for themed-restaurants to the extent that we crave visiting them, but sometimes, they can get weird, really weird.

Here are a compilation of the weirdest restaurant concepts around the world.

8. Twin Stars (Russia)


Twin Stars features identical twins as servers who wear the same clothes, so expect to get dazed and confused while dining. You’ll never know which is which. Although it’s located in Russia, the restaurant is famed for its authentic Thai menu, which makes it weirder but somehow even more awesome at the same time.


7. Barbie Cafe (Taiwan)


No one will judge you if you still get giddy at sight of Barbie (no one, except maybe us), and definitely not at the Barbie Cafe in Taiwan. As for the food and drinks, expect everything to be in shades of pink.


6. The Bunyadi (England)


London’s first naked-dining restaurant—yep, that’s right: naked—doesn’t sound appealing to you? Well, they already have 44,200 people on the waiting list. The Brits just got way more liberated.

Everything on the menu is cooked without the use of a stove; everything comes in raw. Vegans will be happy to hear that the Bunyadi doesn’t only serve vegan, but that their dishes are also complimented by organic, preserve-free wine.


5. Fortezza Medicea (Italy)


A general rule in life is to stay away from danger, but not at Fortezza Medicea, where inmates are the cooks and servers. No need to worry about getting stabbed by surprise; all the utensils are plastic. An Italian menu is expected, but what’s interesting is the process where the prisoners pour their whole heart into making you a classic Bolognese.