Where Are They Now: 8 More Pinoy YouTube Viral Stars

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Where Are They Now: 8 More Pinoy YouTube Viral Stars

Some 15 minutes are longer than others.

| February 5, 2018

4. Genelyn Sandaga

Best Known For: Her song covers in 2013. She was an 8List favorite, actually.

While a lot of people have indeed cyberbullied her because of her, well, unique voice, Genelyn Sandaga was one of our favorite people because you know, you just know, that she was having the time of her life doing what she does. Unfortunately, she ended up deleting her videos a few years later when the backlash became a little too much to handle.

Currently: Aside from showing up on Kapamilya Deal Or No Deal in 2013, Genelyn ended up getting into playing the violin and painting, as (much fewer) people can see on her YouTube channel and her Instagram. She even addressed her singing phase as recently as two months ago with her video on cyberbullying.


3. Christopher Lao

Best Known For: “Dapat ininform ako,” he pleaded helplessly upon discovering his car wasn’t capable of handling the heavy flood facing him. In 2011, he became just one of the many targets of our ire, because Schadenfreude never goes out of style.

After that bout with cyber-bullying, Christopher Lao, on multiple times, like Paula Jamie Salvosa of Amalayer fame, contemplated suicide. He almost didn’t even take the Bar exams that year, after being judged for one moment of weakness.

Currently: Well, since 2012, that’s Attorney Lao to you, and he’s been a reliable resource person on legal matters ever since, as our interview with him about the Cybercrime Law way back in 2013 showed. Nowadays, he also teaches at DLSU’s College of Law, and keeps himself busy with a multitude of things – chief amongst them, being a doting father to his lovely daughter.


2. Xian Gaza

Best Known For: That creepy billboard date proposal to Erich Gonzales that everyone piled on him for, and then the inevitable expose on his past, including the above video, and yes, his history of scamming people, which he admitted to.

As polarizing as Xian Gaza was in 2017, what’s more amazing was that he didn’t even end the year remotely relevant. It’s like people just stopped giving a damn. As they should.

Currently: Last January, he exposed a Ponzi scam hiding behind the Bitcoin boom, and claimed his life was in danger. It didn’t take long before he posted more videos of him living it up, and having the time of his life, pretty much proving that like everything else about him, you need to take whatever he says with a massive grain of salt. Or just ignore him and hope he’d go away. That works, too. Nyeaaaaam!


1. Marlou Arizala, aka Xander Ford

Best Known For: First, as Marlou Arizala, leading the infamous Hasht5 “boy band,” then striking out solo when he got a thorough makeover on Rated K, rechristening himself as Xander Ford.

It didn’t take long before his big reveal around last October, and Xandermania exploded: people wanted to interview him and see what his talents are (still none), people wanted to see just exactly how much better he looked thanks to the surgery (not much), and he eagerly charged them (by a lot) for just those things. Then next thing we knew, he went “missing,” until it turned out that he wasn’t missing, so much as he was “resting,” blowing off professional commitments along the way. News reports about his shift in attitude started creeping up, until his defenders realized that the negativity didn’t come from bashers anymore – but actual fans who wanted to support Xander, only to be sorely disappointed.

Currently: Other than a few small gigs here and there, nobody knows, and it seems, nobody cares. Xander Ford’s flirtation with relevance lasted even more briefly than Xian Gaza’s did, which is saying something.


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