8 Reasons Why Iron Man is the Coolest Superhero

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8 Reasons Why Iron Man is the Coolest Superhero

Good ol’ shellhead is still the greatest.

| April 8, 2017

He is a futurist

Tony Stark’s mind is always buzzing. He can’t help but see events unfold in different iterations. As such, he is able to predict all possible outcomes. Because of this, he is prepared for all eventualities.


He has armors for all occasions

Being a futurist, Tony Stark has foreseen the need for a Hulkbuster, Thorbuster, and all kinds of Marvel hero Busting Armors. He has even invented a sentient armor that has bonded with his skin.


He overcomes his physical limitations

Iron Man is probably the only superhero in all of comics who has the most health problems. He has a shrapnel in his heart, he suffered heart attacks, and, at one point, was paralyzed. Nonetheless, he is able to rise above all these and has saved the world a number of times despite his health issues.


The tech featured on Iron Man inspires real-life tech advancements

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Iron Man has inspired scientists to build a real-life exoskeleton that will enable humans to life heavy objects and repel bullets. Now this is one of those instances where life imitates art!


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