Would You Eat These Exotic Delicacies Around the World?

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Would You Eat These Exotic Delicacies Around the World?

Upsize na po?

| May 30, 2018

5. Digger Wasp rice crackers

How about a box of crackers with a twist? These Japanese wasp rice crackers filled with digger wasps are the result of the ingenious of the Japanese fan club for wasps. And yes, the previous sentence was not made up. The crackers are made in Omachi town and are a bit on the expensive side as the wasps are caught in the wild for optimum flavor.


6. Live Cobra Heart

This dish sounds like something only Jackie Chan is worthy of consuming, but it’s actually a well-known exotic delicacy in Vietnam.  Vietnamese takes the cobra heart, all raw and fresh, and bathes it with the cobra’s blood. They then proceed to eat it while it’s still beating. They say eating the dish will give you the strengths and powers of a cobra. You might want to consume one before confessing your feelings to your crush.


7. Bat Paste

This dish is another Thailand specialty; it’s also cooked in China and Guam. Locals catch the bat, and while still alive, drop it in boiling milk with spices. When the bat is soft enough, you mash it until it turns into paste. Only the brave of heart can try this!


8. Haggis

Scotland has their own exotic dish to wow other countries and its none other than Haggis, the national dish of Scotland. It’s made with sheep’s liver, heart, and lungs, mixed with spices, all stuck in the sheep’s stomach and then boiled for a few hours. It doesn’t sound so bad, but would you eat it?


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