Yay Wednesday! | Welcome Back, Krissy! Edition

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Yay Wednesday! | Welcome Back, Krissy! Edition

Less than 13 reasons why.

| April 19, 2017

As much as 13 Reasons Why was utter bullcrap, of course Pinoys twisted the issue into something magical

Todo na ‘to, Clay! Woooo!


I aspire to have as much braveness and kapal ng mukha as the Jollibee Towel Girl

Went out to buy shampoo, came back with Jollibee. What a hero. Respect, ate gurl.


This very helpful guide on how to make the whitest music ever a Chainsmokers song


Now you can be like The Chainsmokers.

Posted by Tune Collective on Sunday, April 16, 2017

“You wanna find lyrics that talk about how hard it is being white and in love.” CLASSIC.


Welcome back, Kris Aquino

It’s been one hella week for Queen of All Media Kris Aquino:

A post shared by Kris Aquino (@krisaquino) on

Ginalingan po ni, Bimb eh!

And of course, her new show that we’re all soooooo excited about! KAKALOKA!!

#TripNiKris: April 9

Ready na ba kayong tawirin ang ‘nakakalokang’ hanging bridge na ito?

Kasali kayo sa unang #TripNiKris, ngayong Linggo na (April 9) sa SNBO!

Posted by GMA Network on Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Not to mention, she’s on her way to Hollywood now! Honestly though, thank god Kris Aquino’s back! We’re badly in need of a new distraction from all the real issues of our nation! Mocha Uson really isn’t doing a good job at that. Anyway, welcome back, Krissy!


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