Psst! You Do Know You Don’t Have To Carry Cash Around, Don’t You?

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Psst! You Do Know You Don’t Have To Carry Cash Around, Don’t You?


| November 29, 2017

5. You can book and order online*

You have the liberty to book online from flights, hotel stays, to app purchases wherever you are. No need to brave the metro traffic just to get to the ticketing office or store, waiting in line for possibly hours. And the best part? You can get everything done in a matter of minutes!


6. You can enjoy perks

Who doesn’t enjoy a good treat every now and then? Reap additional privileges and exclusive deals by simply using your debit card for shopping, dining, travel and more. You can get more and even save more every time you swipe or dip your debit card.


7. You don’t have to count change, you can pay every last centavo

Sometimes you purchase unnecessary items to break down a large sum of cash. The result? You buy items you don’t really need and an added expense. Or worse, sometimes you get your incomplete change often substituted by a piece of candy. Debit card allows you to pay for items down to the last cent so you won’t have to fumble with the change or worry of your cash running short.


8. You can go cashless now!

Debit cards are convenient, fast, and rewarding. With a BDO Debit Card, you can be confident to go cashless anytime, anywhere and experience all the benefits and perks a BDO Debit Card has to offer. Enjoy the freedom of going cashless and avoid life’s little inconveniences!

Visit the nearest BDO Branch and get your own BDO Debit Card now. Click here for more details.

*Applicable to BDO Mastercard and Visa Debit Cards only.

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