8 Times Obama Proved He’s The Coolest President Ever

By Tynne De Leon

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A tearful Barrack Obama just ended his speech in front of the American people today, and people are pleading for “four more years.” We can’t blame them; Obama has been nothing but a graceful president, a beacon of hope in America at a time when they needed it. Aside from his political achievements, we are certainly fans of Obama’s colorful personality. No other POTUS has amused and entertained us like he did: from singing in public to guesting on a live talk show–he’s one hell of a cool president.

Here are the best Obama moments we’d love to revisit before “Obama out!” becomes official:

8. Whenever he sang in public with no shame.


Make America sing again and again!


7. When he let a young kid touch his hair.


And that “portrait of change” was on the West Wing for years.


6. When he read mean tweets about him on live TV.


Kill them with kindness…or not.


5. When he was caught on the kiss cam with the first lady.


They’re such a sweet and classy couple. We’ll miss you two.

4. When he tangoed in Argentina.


He may be a little awkward, but he still got moves!


3. When he “dropped his mic” on his last correspondence dinner.


Obama out!


2. When he advocated for the LGBTQ rights.


#LoveWon during his term, indeed.


1. When he reproached his political enemies during his speech.


Apply water to the burned area.


What are your favorite Obama moments? Share with us in the comments section below!

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