8 Weird Animal Beauty Ingredients

in Korean Cosmetics

By Patti Sunio


Before you squirm at the thought of putting animal gunk on your skin, read all about its amazing benefits first. Surely, our trusted Korean skincare experts wouldn’t be using it if it weren’t all worth the hype, right?


1. Bee Venom

Also called “nature’s answer to Botox”, bee venom is widely used in cosmetics for its anti-inflammatory, collagen-boosting properties. It helps fight pimples, zits, and acne, and can speed up regeneration of damaged skin and boost cell development, too.


2. Snail Mucin

In Ancient Greece, snails were crushed to be used as cures for inflammation. Farmers in Chile also noticed that their skin became smoother after handling snails. This is because snail slime is said to contain up to 91 to 98% of water, helping hydrate, smoothen, and protect the skin. Just think: whatever the slime can do to protect the snail’s body—it can do for your skin, too.


3. Goat Milk

The answer to dry and sensitive skin, goat milk is able to remove dead skin cells or any irritant—all without drying the skin. Goat milk is high in Vitamin A, which is essential in maintaining healthy skin and repairing damaged tissue. It is also used to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.


4. Horse Oil


Horse oil has been used for centuries to treat mild skin concerns. It is derived from horse fat, which is considered a waste product in the harvesting horse meat. The most important component of horse oil is linolenic acid, which is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that can repair and protect the skin’s barrier and lock in moisture.

5. Fish Eggs

While fish eggs (or “caviar cream”) have been cosmetically used since the Dynasty era, in modern day, rumor has it that Angelina Jolie used it on her skin while pregnant! As you may have guessed, fish eggs are packed with nutrients, such as vitamins and amino acids that can strengthen the structure of skin, lift and firm, and re-texturize it.


6. Pig Collagen

Pig collagen is usually gel-like and sticky, which makes it good for overnight face masks. Since it delivers high levels of moisture onto the skin, it results in a plumper, more youthful appearance. Pig collagen is also used to increase firmness and elasticity and erase wrinkles.


7. Donkey Milk

Cleopatra is believed to have a stable of donkeys, primarily to produce milk for her to take baths in. It’s no wonder because donkey milk contains lots and lots of Vitamin C, which are essential for exfoliation to achieve that youthful *glow*. Donkey milk can tighten, smoothen, and regenerate the skin, thus preventing wrinkles.


8. Snake Venom

As its defence mechanism, snakes release poisonous venom that freezes or paralyzes its attacker. Snake venom is used in the same way on skin. It inhibits muscle activity, thus minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, but without having to prevent facial movement altogether. This is also why it’s considered a better Botox alternative!


What other ingredients do you know of? Tell us below!


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