We all love Choc Nut (not “Chocnut”), that powdery peanut milk chocolate treat. In many ways it’s a better version of Polvoron: It’s also tasty and sweet, but in it’s own special way, and sturdy enough that you can break it into pieces without everything crumbling.

I have discovered a new kind of Choc Nut, complete with its own packaging. It will change your Choc Nut experience forever…

It’s Big

Up close, it may look like your typical Choc Nut with brown packaging…


…but it’s actually a lot larger.

It’s Longer Than a Five Peso Coin


It’s Even Bigger Than a Flash Drive


It’s 23 grams big


Opening it Reveals Even More Choc Nut Goodness


You Can Eat it In Three Bites


After the first bite:


After the second:


You Can Split the Last Bite Into Two, to Savor the Classic Choc Nut Taste


That’s how big it is!

Now More Than Ever, the Only Thing Better Than One Choc Nut…

…is two!


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  1. that one is classic and it’s been a while since I was a kindergarten in the early 80s but there’s an import version of it and it taste as that of Choc Nut but it is on a sandwich spread version, and that product is called Nutella.

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