#RP612fic |

A Philippine History

and Pop Culture (Re)Mix

By Kyzia Maramara

June 12 this year doesn’t only mean commemorating the 120th Independence Day of our beloved Philippines, it also means we can once again fuse history and pop culture and create gags and unique humor only Pinoys will understand.

The viral trend #RP612fic, a recurring hashtag every 12th of June, once again made us laugh this year in spite of the gloomy weather. Filipinos wittily participated resulting in tweets that will go down in history, much like Rizal calling Josephine ‘baby girl.’ Check out this year’s funniest!

1. Ride sharing origins

Betcha didn’t know about this evolution!


2. If you think Avengers: Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover in history, think again


3. Boys, don’t mess with these girls!


4. All the shade

Tagging *ehem* Mocha.

5. Art or history repeating itself?


6. Sisa’s still looking for her sons


With Sisa asking the Twitterverse to ‘do its thing’ and help her find her sons, the Twitterverse delivered and here they are!


7. The rare photos that just had us in stitches


8. And last but not the least, our favorite Rizal and his modern mischiefs

We can’t wait for next year’s #RP612fic!


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