8 3-in-1 Coffee Brands To Try (If You Haven’t Yet!)

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8 3-in-1 Coffee Brands To Try (If You Haven’t Yet!)

Keeping students awake since time immemorial.

| July 4, 2017


3-in-1 Coffee Brands

to Try (If You Haven’t Yet!)

By Patti Sunio

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3-in-1 coffee is practically every student and professional’s best friend. And why not, when it’s quick and easy to prepare, especially after an all-nighter finishing a paper, a client’s deck, or binge-watching K-dramas?

Here’s a list of 3-in-1 brands and flavors we love:


We’ve been used to the default original blend for years, so when the Nescafe Espresso Roast variant came out, we were instantly hooked.  Highly recommended for coffee drinkers who are after the flavor, taste, and aroma—so good, it’s enough to already wake you up!



Who would imagine that the coffee-flavored candy would soon have an actual coffee product? The Brown Coffee variant is best, as it doesn’t taste like its candy counterpart at all. Plus, it gets the Filipino’s preference for brown sugar and all things sweet, and is easy to find at sari-sari stores near you.



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CafeRite Gold is quite a discovery. You won’t find it in all supermarkets so when you see it available, better hoard! This 3-in-1 mix has a unique, luxurious taste and makes you feel like it’s not instant coffee you’re drinking. The flavor is quite strong and robust; best for avid coffee drinkers.



Of all the San Mig coffee variants, this is probably the best. The Barako blend gives a good enough taste to perk up your morning, but not so much that you’ll feel like palpitating, too! To those who think that the Barako blend is a too strong choice for them, this might just change your mind.