8 Actresses We’d Like To Play Darna

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8 Actresses We’d Like To Play Darna

Ding! Ang, ano…

| April 6, 2017

8 Actresses

We’d Like to Play


By Tynne De Leon

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Now that Angel Locsin is out of the picture (and we’re completely sad) because of her spine problems, people are curious on who will take her place as the classic Pinoy superheroine, Darna. There are a lot of great actresses who could play her, but there can only be one Darna. Here are our top picks:

Sarah Geronimo

If she can belt out a note so high, how far can she reach when she flies?


Ellen Adarna

Her surname alone is enough proof that she’s fit for the role.


Sanya Lopez

If she slayed in being Danaya, watch out when she becomes Darna.


Yassi Pressman

This dancing princess can also be a super heroine.