8 Affordable Online Shoe Shops for the Chic Filipina

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8 Affordable Online Shoe Shops for the Chic Filipina

Where to take your coming suweldo.

| August 22, 2017

Rob & Mara

Facebook Page: Rob & Mara
Instagram: @robandmaraph

Have you always been envious of the people you pass by on the streets wearing leather shoes? Always wanted to buy leather boots but find that it’ll put a rocket launcher-sized hole in your pocket? Never fear! Rob & Mara is your go-to online store for authentic and local made leather shoes. Be classy but not pricey!


Shoegasm Manila

Facebook Page: Shoegasm Philippines
Instagram: @shoegasm_manila

Be proud of local crafts and shop online at Shoegasm! They boast of their beautiful products all made in the Philippines. The prices don’t hurt too so you can hoard as many styles as you want!


Posh Pocket Shoes

Facebook Page: Posh Pocket Shoes
Website: www.poshpocketshoesonline.com

Posh Pocket shoes might have plain designs but we totally love its uniqueness! These shoes are designed for your feet that could be tired from walking around in heels all day. It can be folded and fit into a small pouch that comes with it. Isn’t that cute?



Via Strut

Facebook Page: Strut
Instagram: @wear.strut

For all your formal shoe wear needs, why not try and visit Strut? They offer versatile and trendy styles for your soles! Order your pair now or you’ll cry later.


Now how about that for a Christmas gift idea?


What’s your favorite online shoe store? Share it with us in the comment below!