8 Alternatives on a Saturday Night When You’re Tired of Going to Clubs or Bars

Saturday night’s alright for…

| June 16, 2018

8 Alternatives on a Saturday Night

When You’re Tired

of Going to Clubs or Bars

By Naveen Ganglani

The weekend is here, which means it’s time for you and your friends to make plans on what to do this Saturday night. Some of you are likely excited at the thought of hitting up a bar or two (or five, I’m not judging) for drinks once again, but others may not be as excited at the thought of having multiple beverages while trying to talk over loud music for another weekend.

For those a little exhausted at the thought of getting drinks at bars or hitting the clubs, here are eight alternative options for you to still enjoy a Saturday night:

8. Play darts or visit an arcade bar

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Okay, it’s technically still like going to a bar, but at least at places like i Darts Dash or Versus Barcade, you get to play darts or retro arcade games while enjoying your drinks. The food options are yummy as well, making for an experience that’s unique and enjoyable.


7. Visit a museum or go to a spa

Enhance your soul by looking at masterful art or by treating yourself to a soothing massage by doing either of these two options. It’s no secret that the everyday grind of the work week can be stressful, especially when you haven’t had a vacation for months. So this Saturday, why don’t you give yourself the chance to unwind and let off some steam?


6. Play some board games

Restaurants that offer great food choices and a variety of board games for socializing have gotten popular over the past few years. Remember when weekends were more simple as you played Monopoly with your cousins or friends when you guys were kids? Well, why not revisit those great times while sipping on some milkshakes?


5. Try your luck at the casino or have a poker night

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And if you’re in need of some liquid courage before you gamble, some hotel casinos offer free drinks to players. Just make sure to know when to cut your losses when you start figuring out that it’s just not your night.