8 Amazing Tech of 2016 to Make You Feel You’re Living the Sci-Fi Dream

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8 Amazing Tech of 2016 to Make You Feel You’re Living the Sci-Fi Dream

Future is here.

| December 30, 2016

8 Amazing Tech of 2016 to Make You Feel You’re Living the Sci-Fi Dream


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It was never in doubt that we’re one step closer to the Kurzweilan singularity. 2016 has truly been a year for awesome inventions and tech that has rivalled many expectations. Here are some of the best innovations and quite a few game-changers that were released and ready for purchase or in the final stages of its R&D. What a time to be alive!

BLOOM Communication Stick

Love your grandparents but afraid their deteriorating mobility put them right square into the fall risk statistic? How about the elderly suddenly getting lost and unable to tell anybody their current location or where they live? Do they not know how to work mobile phones even if you gave them the phone and an extensive briefing?

The BLOOM Comms Walking Stick is a step towards helping the oldies becoming more mobile with attached failsafes. While still in its finishing beta test stages, the BLOOM takes care of our fears about getting lost and stumbling with the need for a communication method between care workers or loved ones and the elderly

The Communication Stick supports sending text messages from speech, reading out received text messages, and notifying location information when grandma is stumbling. With the impact caused by dropping the stick measured by an accelerometer (an algorithm divides normal use and stumbling to differentiate from emergency by measuring falling time and impact force), the GPS information is then sent to any mail address and notifies the intended recipient.


ShiftWear Shoes

When I got tired of my boring shoe design I used to just doodle on my Chucks with markers. The Shiftwear works on the same premise with bendable, wearable, waterproof (they say you can machine wash these babies) HD displays. Mobile technology to power it all from your phone or tablet lets you upload designs right away.

But what if the batteries run out? No way: the Walk-N-Charge technology means your shoes will never run out of power. But you can also charge wirelessly if you’re not using them. There’s a choice of low, medium, or high-top (for maximum canvass size) but this one is available for pre-order and still needs backers on Indiegogo for shipping to start.


Eletrunk Briefs

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This product is a true game changer for anyone who’s had the horrible problem of needing to shift your junk and with privacy way too far away. Hands down, hombres, Eletrunks founder Michael Walker now has the patented “Lifter” tech that allows the wearer to subtly adjust his “manhood” without shoving a hand down his pants. Halle-fucking-lujah!

It’s also available in five colors but all pre-orders are now sold out. Eletrunks is expected to take on a new batch of orders early 2017.


PPSS Slash-Resistant T-Shirt


PPSS Slash Resistant Clothing is made out Cut-Tex PRO that resists all kinds of cuts, abrasion and tear resistance. Surprise, surprise, box-cutter-wielding criminals and muggers! Now absolutely available for purchase all PPSS Slash-resistant shirts cover sharp object slashie attacks or edged accidents on the torso, including the Radial Artery, Brachial Artery, Carotid Artery, Axillary Artery and Femoral Artery.

Don’t be too confident as slash-resistant doesn’t mean stab-resistant, so this isn’t really anything that comes close to fictional Mithril armor. But this shirt IS machine-washable at 40° degrees and also 60° degrees.