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8 Benefits We Secretly Want Our Companies to Have

Consider this our wish list.

| July 17, 2017

8 Benefits

We Secretly Want

Our Companies to Have

By Blair Perez

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Everyone was shookt when a company in Pasig is reported to have been offering lovelife benefits to its employees. I mean, seriously, no one has ever considered the positive side of their employees being in a relationship like this one. They even have a dating app subsidy, and you can even reimburse your dating expenses several times a year! If you ask some young people, that’s a total seals-the-deal type of benefit they can definitely get  on with. Who doesn’t want a company that supports your lovelife, let alone pays for your date nights?

And since that one’s already out there, we thought of 8 other bizarre benefits we secretly want to have (and we’re hoping our companies will consider them). Scroll down and comment below if you agree!

Mental Health Leave

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It’s easy to say you’re sick, but being depressed is another story. There are times when our output are severely compromised when we have anxiety attacks. And juggling stress with the symptoms? It’s a really tough thing to handle.


Shopping Allowance

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What’s a great way to deal with stress? Retail therapy! They say we have to treat ourselves once in a while, but it feels more amazing if the company did that. Tee-hee.


Hangover Leave

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Remember that one time (or maybe several, if we’re being honest) when you showed up at work with your face still flush from  too much tequila? Yup, we’ve been there.


Menstrual Leave

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In India, two companies have already offered menstrual leaves for their female workers, and we’re seriously bummed that Filipino companies haven’t acknowledged the fact that when you have your period, all hell breaks loose.