8 Best Sites to Search for Jobs

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8 Best Sites to Search for Jobs

See what the world has to offer this year.

| January 3, 2017

8 Best Sites to Search for Jobs

By Jon Carlos Rodriguez

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If you think it’s about time to start a new career that requires getting up from bed early and braving horrendous traffic on a daily basis, there are a number of job sites that can help you. The cool office and the dream paycheck you’ve been salivating over are just a few clicks (and several awkward interviews) away. Time to quit working at Edi sa Puso Mo and Sa Piling ng Mahal Kong Asawa!



With more than 48,000 listed jobs in the Philippines and overseas, JobStreet.com [http://www.jobstreet.com.ph/] is one of the most popular employment companies in Southeast Asia. Polish your CV, put a price tag on the skills you can offer, post it online, and wait for JobStreet’s “personal career agent” LiNa to contact you for possible leads.




Weighing the pros and cons of making a living in another country? There’s a job site that can help you on that decision. Workabroad.ph [http://workabroad.ph/] has more than 33,000 job opportunities for Filipinos wanting to get paid in foreign currency. Illegal recruitment is no laughing matter in finding work abroad, which is why Workabroad.ph guarantees that all its job openings are posted and processed by foreign employers and recruitment agencies licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.




Yes, Facebook does serve a higher purpose other than stalking your ex. The social media site can provide good leads on which companies are hiring, as long as Sifting Through Fake Posts is one of your strengths.




Kalibrr [https://www.kalibrr.com/] takes pride in perfectly matching the jobseeker to the employer, like a brainier Tinder for the workforce. The Manila-based start-up led by young, bright minds launched its online recruitment revolution on the business process outsourcing sector, but now has more than 65,000 active jobseekers and 3,000 big-named companies. Plus, the Kalibrr staff did a jump photo and included pets on their Meet the Team page, so you know they’re legit.