8 Best Sites to Search for Jobs

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8 Best Sites to Search for Jobs

See what the world has to offer this year.

| January 3, 2017


LinkedIn [https://www.linkedin.com/] changed the definition of social networking to a more business-oriented model to allow employers to post jobs and jobseekers to humblebrag, er, post their credentials. It’s like Facebook, but, you know, for responsible adults. Keep photos of last Friday night’s shenanigans on Facebook–LinkedIn is more interested in your impressive work experience.



“Raket” is the term Pinoys use for the freelancing gig that pays well and Raket.ph is freelancer heaven. The “search engine for Filipino freelancers” provides an easier and more efficient way for raketeers to get their names out to potential clients.



Seaman Jobsite [https://www.seamanjobsite.com/] makes the otherwise difficult task of searching for seaman opportunities hassle-free through a simple, brochure-type website packed with information. Not only does the site provide latest job openings for seafarers worldwide, it also carries helpful how-to articles, such as “Pointers to Start Your Seafaring Career Right” and “10 Mistakes Seafarers Do With Their Money.”




If you’ve heard of stories of freelancers earning millions through online work, most of them are from Elance and oDesk, which merged last year to form Upwork [https://www.upwork.com]. From content writers to social media consultants to Facebook marketers, Upwork is the place for online top-quality work and top-quality pay. Just don’t forget to bring your top-quality talent.


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