8 Bonding Ideas for You and Mama on Her Special Day

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8 Bonding Ideas for You and Mama on Her Special Day

Connect for real with your mom.

| May 12, 2017

8 Bonding Ideas

for You and Mama

on Her Special Day

By 8List

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Our moms are the superwomen of our lives. They’ve cared for us and gave us everything they could give since our birth. They were the ones who first showed us real love — one without condition. And until now, they make it a point to express their love in everything they do. They cook for us, they clean after us, they make sure we’re healthy all the time.

But without us realizing it, we neglect to reciprocate that love. We take her actions for granted, showing no clear sign of gratitude or appreciation. And the sad part is that our moms are fine with it because they’re used to it.

This Mother’s Day, we can’t let our moms feel the barrier between us and them. We can’t let them feel that our love can only be expressed through a mere Facebook status for everyone to like and comment on. If we really do love our moms, we have to connect with them for real, not hide behind a computer screen.

So put down that phone and set aside that laptop. Reconnect with your mom and give her your true love and attention through these simple bonding moments. Because love unexpressed is love unfelt.

Have brunch at home

Your mom has been preparing breakfast for you every single day. She has always set aside time and given so much effort to cook your favorite dishes. Now, it’s time to return the favor! Whip up something delicious in your kitchen, no matter how simple. Better yet, cook together instead so you can learn a thing or two about your mom’s cooking techniques and, at the same time, you can infect her with your audacity to experiment with ingredients. And once you’re done, indulge in your homemade brunch feast while sharing stories you haven’t shared before.


Help her clean the house

She isn’t your maid, and it’s time to stop making her feel like one. Finally tidy up your room like how she’s always nagged you to do. Ease her burden by calling dibs on the broom or vacuum, or offering to clean the dirty dishes instead, or helping her fold the laundry. Even though it’s all taxing work, both of you won’t ever feel like it is because you’re doing it together. You could even make it all a friendly competition — the first to fold their portion of the laundry pile first wins a reward!


Do each other’s nails

It can get difficult to catch up on each other’s lives on a normal day, especially when you both have your own situations to worry about. But don’t forget that your mom is always thinking about your well-being even if she doesn’t ask you directly how you are. Give her this chance to connect with you for real and be updated with your life — your academics, your work, your relationships — past what you show on social media. Do this while pampering each other with a mani-pedi in your bedroom!


Work on a coloring book together

You don’t have to do much work to be able to connect with your mom, too. Something as simple as working on a grown-up coloring book without talking much is enough to make your mom feel your presence. Plus, these coloring books are stress-relieving so you don’t have to give your mom an expensive spa treatment to help her unwind.