8 Crazy Parokya Ni Edgar Songs That Made Us Go WTHHH??

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8 Crazy Parokya Ni Edgar Songs That Made Us Go WTHHH??

Exactly why we love them.

| August 17, 2017

8 Crazy

Parokya Ni Edgar Songs

That Made Us Go WTHHH??

By Patti Sunio

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Parokya Ni Edgar could probably create a full album of crazy songs, parodies, and fillers despite growing older, getting married, and having kids of their own. We love them for their harana and love songs, but we’ll never get enough of their funny compositions!

Of the many they’ve written and performed, here are 8:


The song opens with a relaxing sound that makes you want to close your eyes and fall asleep on a hammock. And then it sings about the simple dream of wanting to eat oranges and we think, great, we want oranges, too.

But then you remember that this song is from a band like Parokya Ni Edgar, and realize that, wait, could it really be just about oranges? Or is there a double meaning? Either way, we’re saving this on our playlist.


Celfone Wallet

Back when CD albums were a thing, Parokya ni Edgar would make a lot of crazy funny fillers that’d make you LOL in public and possibly shame yourself for doing so. But how can you not, with a song like Celfone Wallet?

And if you feel like you’ve heard this song before, it’s because Celfone Wallet is a punny song for the old Seiko wallet ad!


Nakaw Ang Wallet Ko

It starts out fine, really, and honestly, we were expecting a romantic song. But the moment the band starts to sing, we lose our heads upon the realization that this is a very Bob Dylan-inspired song.


Papa Cologne

When we first saw the official music video, we weren’t quite sure if it was the real thing. Could it possibly be a spoof video? A school project, maybe? Nah, it really is the band’s video that’s all about endorsing the *magic* of Papa Cologne. Try it!