8 Destinations on Your Bucket List That You Can Visit with Get Go

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8 Destinations on Your Bucket List That You Can Visit with Get Go

Check off these 8 destinations on your bucket list with GetGo.

| November 23, 2017

8 Destinations on Your Bucket List

That You Can Visit with Get Go

By 8List

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There are so many wonders we can only dream of discovering in our lifetime — all the temples we long to see, mountaintop views we wish to behold, pristine beaches we want to be in.

But we don’t have to keep dreaming of traveling to these beautiful destinations. With a Lifestyle Rewards program like Cebu Pacific’s Get Go, it’s become much easier to check these dream trips off our bucket lists!

Here are just some of the amazing places we can fly to and visit just with our Get Go points!

The Great Wall of China

Very few places in the world can instantly transport you back in time, and one of those places is Beijing. Scale the Great Wall and be amazed at the ingenuity of humans in building such a majestic structure. While in Beijing, you can also go to the Forbidden City, near Tiananmen Square. It is the home of Chinese emperors and was the seat of political power of China for 500 years.


Universal Studios Japan, Osaka

Out of all the Universal Studios in the world, Osaka’s very own stands out as a crowd favorite. It has its seasonal events and attractions, such as the Universal Jump Summer and Halloween Horror Nights, unique theme park treats that can’t be found anywhere else, photo opportunities with anime heroes, and — of course — the much-loved Wizarding World of Harry Potter. A trip here will definitely delight the kid in you!


Bondi Beach, Syndey

Found in the Land Down Under is the most photographed ocean pool and Sydney’s most famous beach — Bondi Beach. It sees as much as 40,000 visitors in a single day who want a taste of Aussie sun and waves, or want to experience going topless without judgement. A trip to Bondi Beach is not complete without checking out the Bondi Baths, a 50-meter saltwater pool situated right next to the ocean.


Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

Flying to Cambodia will quench your thirst for a travel experience unlike anywhere else. It’s a small country so rich in history, and once you turn your attention away from its temples, you’ll realize much of the country remains unexplored. Take up the challenge to discover these untouched places!