8 Different Body Types and the Prints to Match

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8 Different Body Types and the Prints to Match

When your curtains just won’t do the trick.

| December 12, 2016

8 Different Body Types and the Prints to Match

By Jica Lapeña

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The world of prints is vast and exciting–and easy to get lost in. While one might say you can rock whatever outfit you wanna rock, what one’s eyes show is a very different story. Through the subtle illusions that patterns make, subconsciously, we can easily pass judgment on a girl’s choice of gingham or that guy’s added girth, owing to the bold horizontal stripes on his shirt. Knowing how a print can work either for or against you is a key step to dressing well. With each body type is a corresponding way to rock a good print, and not all prints will work. Read on and find out what print is best for you and your build.

1. Petite

Small, intricate prints go well with a correspondingly small frame. This is a rare talent–to be able to pull off a busy pattern–so flaunt it like the hills are alive. You’re blessed to have curtain patterns work so well for you!

On the other hand, large, bold prints may overpower your look and will not work in your favor, so avoid them as much as possible.


2. Tall

You guessed it: It takes a tall girl to pull off a big print. Anything less on you will look bite-sized. Large polka dots, a generous checkered cloth and giant flowers a la Marimekko are the way to go.

Vertical stripes instantly slim and lengthen your figure. If you are tall and skinny, they may be a bit much. But if you feel the need to trim down, they’ll work just as well even while exaggerating your height. And speaking of height…


3. Short

…if you’re short, vertical stripes are exactly what you need to add a few inches to your stature (although Helmholtz would argue differently).

The longer they go on for (think full length dresses, striped pants), the better. And they don’t just have to be stripes. As long as they run vertically, the illusion of length is there. Who says you can’t wear a maxi dress?


4. Wide

Vertical stripes work just as well in slimming your figure. If you’re wide-set, go for minimalistic prints. A full-on print tends to add volume, no matter the size.

If you’re on the heavier side and want to rock an all-over pattern, choose a subdued color palette or a monochromatic print so it’s not too overwhelming.