8 Essentials for Your Dream Man Cave

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8 Essentials for Your Dream Man Cave

To the man-cave!

| May 15, 2018

8 Essentials for Your Dream Man Cave

By Desiree Pore

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For guys, they’ve always dreamed of having a space they can call their own; a place wherein he can do almost anything without inhibitions and without anyone judging him. This “space” we’re talking about is colloquially referred to as a cave, literally and figuratively.

But what makes a cave a legit man cave? You might want to add these cave essentials to your crib to achieve the ultimate man cave.


What’s the use of putting up your own man cave when you still have to go out to have a drink? That’s why your own Kegerator is a must in every cave. By setting up your own Kegerator at home, you’re not only saving some cash, but you’ll also have an endless supply of beer.


Surround Sound System

Say, you bring over a girl you’re trying to impress for some Netflix and chilling and you’re trying to think of things that for sure will faze her. A great movie and an even greater surround sound system will definitely make her want to stay over and win you some pogi points.


Whiskey Stones

No one likes a diluted whiskey, and so, to keep it fresh and cool, use some whiskey stones so that your drink won’t water down and weaken in taste.


Customized Pool Table

Guys, if you want to invest on one thing, invest on a pool table. Trust us, you will need one when you just want to cap off the day with some good game.