8 Everyday Things that Got IKEA-fied

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8 Everyday Things that Got IKEA-fied

Deadpool would be pleased. Or pissed.

| July 7, 2017

8 Everyday Things

that Got IKEA-fied

By Desiree Pore

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Balenciaga is known for its high fashion statement pieces, but it’s been recently making the rounds for allegedly ‘copying’ IKEA’s blue Frakta bag. The infamous bag, which was first released by the popular furniture store, was ripped-off by the French fashion house and started selling the tote bag for a whopping $2,145 against IKEA’s $0.99.

The internet really is a wonderful place which highlights the creativity of people. With the controversy surrounding the Frakta bag, people are sharing their own parodies of the rip-off incident that makes us wonder how far people of the internet will go just to show their creativity and skills.

Watch Out, Vetements

Petition for IKEA to release a fashion line ASAP.


Fifty Shades of IKEA

You know, if you feel like getting kinky and stuff.


Headwear c/o IKEA

Caps x IKEA = *fire emoji*


Yeezy WHUT?

Why buy Yeezys when you’ve got IKEA-zys?