8 Food From Our Childhood and the Happy Memories They Bring Us

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8 Food From Our Childhood and the Happy Memories They Bring Us

Food=Happiness. Always

| May 16, 2017

8 Food from Our Childhood

and the Happy Memories

They Bring Us

By 8List

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Remember the time you spent your change to try the ice candy at the nearby sari-sari store for the first time because your neighborhood playmates brought you there on a particularly hot day? What about that time your mom cooked you chicken noodle soup when you were feeling sick?

There are certain food we’ve encountered in our childhood that evoke so much positive emotion within us because of the happy memories attached to them — memories of our childhood friends, our relatives, the people we always met on the way home from school. Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane with us?

Ice Candy

What we remember: carefree summer days

 Our summer was never complete without indulging in this simple cold treat from the nearest sari-sari store. For just five pesos at the very least would refresh us against the heat of the sun, and our moms at one point helped us make our own from powdered orange juice and chocolate milk so we didn’t have to keep spending our summer allowance on them every day.


Soft drinks in a plastic

What we remember: afternoon playdates

 Back then, it was cool to sit on the sidewalk with your neighborhood playmates while sipping on your favorite soft drink in plastic bags with straws. It refreshed you in the mid-afternoon when you’re tired and sweaty from playing all day. And when you’ve drunken it all the way through, you’d be ready for another round of fun and games until the sun sets!


Espasol and Buko Pie

What we remember: our grandparents and relatives who visit us from the province

These notable Pinoy products would never fail to bring us memories of our lolos, lolas and relatives who take the time to visit us over the weekend or during summer vacation. They always make sure to bring something to our dinner table as pasalubong from the province, and we associate them with the happy memories we had of playing with our cousins or touring our relatives around the city.


Chicken lollipop, Spaghetti, and Hotdog with Marshmallows

What we remember: birthday parties

 No matter what the occasion, as long as the food served included chicken lollipops, sweet spaghetti or hotdogs with marshmallows on barbeque sticks, it’ll always take us back to the time when we attended birthday parties of our childhood friends. We had simpler joys back then, when becoming one year older was an event to be celebrated.